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    • RSNA Rights FAQ

    • The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) has created RSNA Rights, an interactive rights management system, that expedites the permissions process and offers a variety of copyright compliant options for reusing RSNA owned and copyrighted content from:

      • Radiology
      • RadioGraphics
      • RSNA News
      • RSNA Scientific Programs
      • RSNA Categorical Courses

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      • 1. Do I need formal permission from RSNA to reuse content?
      • 2. What is an RSNA Author Image License?
      • 3. How can I obtain permission to use RSNA copyrighted content?
      • 4. How should I cite RSNA content that I have received permission to use?
      • 5. How may I pay the permission fee?
      • 6. What do the different format types mean?
      • 7. To how many people may I distribute RSNA content?
      • 8. Who may use RSNA content?
      • 9. How may I use RSNA content?
      • 10. Will taxes apply to my permissions request?
      • 11. May I obtain permission to translate RSNA content into other languages?
      • 12. How can I contact in the RSNA Publications Department with questions, concerns or comments on permission requests?