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  • QI Tools

  • Use these tools to help you select an area of improvement and design an intervention for your institution.

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    Employ this organized process for generating a list of ideas.

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    Cause and Effect Diagram

    Organize your ideas about contributing factors and their relationships within a process.

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    Expedite the decision-making process by examining individual steps, identifying problems and improvement opportunities.

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    This simple, structured approach is used by teams to select the most significant or highest priority item from a list.

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    Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

    Use this structured method for generating a list of ideas and/or condensing ideas into a manageable number.

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    Prioritization Matrix

    Need to reach a consensus on an issue? Use this tool to rank problems by criteria that are important to the organization.

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    External Resources

    Explore websites that provide examples or templates of tools used in quality improvement.