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    Jaclyn Kelly
    Director, Corporate Relations 

    Nate Wicks
    Sales Manager, Corporate Relations

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  • Media Wall - :05 Static Spot


     Price: $5,000 


    Your video will appear on both sides of the Media Wall in a high-traffic area of the Grand Concourse of McCormick Place. This eye-catching display allows you to present your message in a dynamic video format, as a static ad, and with or without sound.

    Space Deadline - 10/19
    Material Deadline - 11/7


    Static Spot  

    7'-4" x 11' 9"

    If exhibitors are providing a :05 second static spot, it should be submitted as a .jpg file (1280x720).

    NOTE: The actual resolution of the media wall is 576x324. Please do not use small fonts as they will be difficult to read.

    Submit final spots to Mary McDonnell
    E: Mary McDonnell
    P: 312-224-1135 


    Media Wall 
    Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained on this photo. However, no warranties, either expressed or implied, are made with respect to this photo. If the location of building columns, utilities or other architectural components of the facility is a consideration in the construction or usage of a graphic element it is the sole responsibility of the client to physically inspect the facility to verify all dimensions and locations.