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  • R&E Foundation Seed The Future
    R&E Foundation Seed The Future
  • Honoring Robert G. Parker, M.D.  
    “Bob was such an ardent promoter of resident training in radiation oncology as well as the introduction of medical students to the specialty. His emphasis was always on both the educational component along with the critically important role of their doctorpatient relationship. Therefore, I wish to honor him by continuing to promote these values through an R&E Foundation Grant.

    For anyone interested in ensuring the future of radiology and its contribution to patient care, the R&E Foundation, with its programs in research and education, is an ideal choice. Also, for those practicing in the field of radiology or related disciplines, it offers a meaningful and satisfying way of giving back.”

    Mrs. Parker’s future bequest will support the Robert G. Parker, M.D. Education Grant in Radiation Oncology.