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  • John Carrino, MD: 2011 Eyler Editorial Fellow

  • I feel very privileged to be the RSNA Eyler Editorial Fellow for the academic year 2011-2012 and would like to reflect on my experience and share some thoughts.

    One key aspect for me was to learn the processes that each submitted manuscript undergoes. Following the "life" of a manuscript is a very enlightening journey, as it traverses receipt, review and revision and then for those submissions that meet rigor and pass peer review muster move on to final publication. What struck me most was the tremendous investment of human intention behind each issue of Radiology and RadioGraphics. I want to express my gratitude to the multitude of editorial and graphics staff making each issue of these publications outstanding, issue after issue.

    Dr. Kressel, the editor of Radiology, exposed me to some of the tough decisions an editor at a top notch journal faces on nearly a daily basis. The ceremonious ringing of a nautical bell for manuscript acceptance is a nice personal touch he brings to the editorship.

    This was a special year for me to be the Eyler fellow and witness the transition in leadership for one of the most influential radiology journals. Dr. Olmsted has been editing RadioGraphics for over two decades and instrumental in effectively adapting the publication into the premier vehicle for the educational needs of the Society. Dr. Olmsted was my medical school advisor at George Washington University. I can confidently state that I would not be a Radiologist without Dr. Olmsted's guidance and support. He helped me secure a residency at a premier training program, Yale, which was another formative experience and further fueled my interest in academic medicine.

    I have yet to visit Dr. Klein, the new editor for RadioGraphics, which is perhaps good idea in order to give him an opportunity to settle in before being inundated by visitors. The "buzz" he has generated makes being a charter fellow under his tenure another unique and exciting aspect of my fellowship.

    Part of Dr. Eyler's legacy was the RSNA index to imaging literature, which became a de facto standard. The opportunity to speak with Dr. Eyler was a highlight during the 2011 RSNA meeting. In a similar aspiration, I am participating in an effort to promulgate RadLex as the emerging standard for indexing, retrieving and categorizing articles in Radiology and RadioGraphics. The goal is to harmonize and standardize the terms used for writing articles, which will have impact on training and practice. Dr. Klein and Kressel are embracing this concept and I look forward to working with them on this endeavor.

    In summary, I count the Eyler fellowship as one of the most rewarding career development experiences I have been fortunate to participate in. I plan to use what I learned about medical imaging journalism to assist my colleagues and mentees. I can only hope to give back as much as I have received.


    John A. Carrino, MD Associate Professor of Radiology and Orthopedic Surgery Johns Hopkins University