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    John Jaworski
    Director, Meetings and Exhibition Services

    Jorie Dydo
    Manager, Exhibition Services

    Sherry Gendel
    Coordinator, Exhibition Services

    Andrea Kielkiewicz
    Assistant, Exhibition Services

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  • RSNA Welcomes International Exhibitors

    A trip to the United States may require an additional degree of planning. This page provides international exhibitors the essential information for planning your travel to the U.S. and exhibiting in Chicago.

    International Travel Information

    RSNA has created a portal for international visitors to assist them on their travels to the United States.  This information includes Invitation Letters, Visa Application and Travel Packages. Learn more »

    Meeting Dates

    104th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting
    November 25 - November 30, 2018

    Facility Location

    McCormick Place Convention Center
    2301 S. Lake Shore Drive
    Chicago, Illinois 60616 USA
    Website: www.mccormickplace.com 

    International Shipping Information

    The RSNA annual meeting has been designated a bona fide International Trade Fair by the United States Department of Commerce. As such, under the provisions of the Fair Trade Act of 1959, exhibitors from outside the United States can enter their goods into the United States under temporary bond.

    Duty Free

    Goods entered under this type of bond must, however, be shipped out of the United States within 30 days of the close of the RSNA meeting in order to avoid duty and penalty charges.

    RSNA has contracted with Rogers Worldwide for freight forwarding and customs clearing services. For more information on temporary import bonds or other questions regarding shipping your materials from overseas, contact:

    Sherri Pelc, LCB
    Rogers Worldwide - Las Vegas
    Phone: 1-702-272-1596
    Fax: 1-702-648-6968
    Cell: 1-708-408-6481

    Additional information on international freight forwarding requirements is located in the Shipping and Transportation section of this Service Kit.

    Rules and “Rulers”

    Rule 9, Exhibit Design, of the Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, provides specific guidelines for booth configurations. Please note, however, that all measurements listed therein are stated in feet and inches. To assist exhibitors in using metric systems, the table below provides some basic conversions:

    1’0” = 0.30 m 30’0” = 9.14 m
    3’0” = 0.91 m 50’0” = 15.24 m
    10’0” = 3.04 m 80’0” = 24.3 m
    20’0” = 6.09 m

    For additional assistance, you can visit the Worldwide Metric website.

    Weights & Rates

    The delivery and removal of freight from the loading dock to exhibit space is drayage. Drayage rates are charged per CWT (100 pounds or approximately 45 kg). Exhibitors will be charged $82.65 per 45 kg for each shipment received at McCormick Place. A minimum of $165.30 will be charged for each shipment. Rates quoted are roundtrip. All drayage rates include removal of empty crates/cartons and storage during the exhibition by the drayage contractor.

    Shipments can be sent up to 30 days in advance of the meeting to the general contractor’s warehouse for storage. Please check the Freeman section of the RSNA Exhibitor Service Kit for rates.

    The maximum live floor load in the North Building (Hall B) and South Building (Hall A) exhibit halls is 400 pounds per square foot (approximately equivalent to 6,400 kg per square meter). If your equipment and/or exhibit will meet or exceed this amount, please contact the RSNA Exhibition Services Department.

    Payment Policies

    Many RSNA contractors will require onsite payment in U.S. funds. Please be certain to check with the various service contractors with whom you may be doing business to verify types of payments that will be acceptable (company check, travelers check, credit card, wire transfer etc.).

    Internationally Speaking

    RSNA recommends that international exhibitors have at least one English-speaking representative onsite during the installation and dismantling periods. Chicago is a cosmopolitan city with great ethnic diversity. In some cases, RSNA or its contractors may be able to arrange for laborers fluent in your native language. If not, a list of Interpreter Service Companies is available through Choose Chicago.

    Questions, Comments, Concerns

    The RSNA Exhibition Services Department staff will be happy to answer your questions or assist you with any problems you may have. Please direct your inquiries to:

    RSNA Exhibition Services Department