• Annual Meeting Banner 2014
  • Important Dates & Deadlines

  • FEB 25
    Exhibitor Planning Webinar
    OCT 24
    Giveaway & Raffle Request Form Deadline

    MAR 26
    Exhibit Space Application Available

    OCT 31
    Non-RSNA Satellite Symposia Deadline

    MAR 26 - APR 25
    Applications accepted for first-round space assignments
    NOV 1
    • Computer Equipment Rental Form Deadline
    • Registration List Request Form Deadline ( Pre-meeting) / Jan 15 (Post-meeting)
    APR 28
    First-round space assignments begin

    NOV 5
    Deadline for exhibitor housing and badgemailing at 5:00 pm CT
    JUN 11
    Exhibitor housing and registration opens at 10:30 am CT

    NOV 7
    Deadline to Apply for Catering Service

    JUN 24
    Exhibitor Planning Meeting.
    First-round space assignments released
    NOV 10
    Exhibit Floral & Plant Rental Form Deadline
    JUL 14
    Exhibitor Service Kit available
    NOV 14
    Deadline to apply for Exhibitor Function Space

    AUG 8
    Exhibitor Product Theater Form Deadline
    NOV 21
    Deadline for:
    • Exhibit Booth Security
    • Exhibit Booth Water Service
    • Camp RSNA Registration
    • Exhibit Photography and Video
    • Premium Exhibitor Listing
    • RSNA ASUV Form
    • Social Event Busing Request
    • VIP Morning Tour Form
    AUG 15 (Early Rate)
    NOV 7 (Standard Rate)
    RFID Attendee Tracking Deadline

    SEPT 5
    Exhibitor Booth Approval Form Deadline

    SEPT 30 (Early Rate)
    OCT 31 (Advanced Rate)
    Internet RSNAnet Service Application Deadline

    OCT 2 (Early Rate)
    OCT 24 (Advanced Rate)
    Lead Management Service Order Form Due

    NOV 23
    Deadline for Temporary Personnel Corporate Presenters
    OCT 17
    Deadline to Register an Exhibitor Appointed Contractor
    NOV 30thruDEC 05
    100th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting, Chicago