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  • Enhanced image viewing in RSNA Journals

  • RSNA’s Image Viewer tool gives users an interface to view and compare images online in Radiology and RadioGraphics articles.

    • Compare up to four images from the same article
    • Zoom in and out of images or focus on specific areas with the magnifier
    • Download images and captions to a PowerPoint deck to use for teaching or self-study
    • RSNA members can save images as bookmarks in myRSNA to access them anytime

    Welcome to Image Viewer 3.0

    With Image Viewer 3.0, users may view, compare and work with RadioGraphics and Radiology online medical images, including those produced by X-ray, CT and MRI. In addition to other new features, Image Viewer 3.0 has advanced image viewing options that support stack viewing and scrolling for DICOM images.

    Image Viewer 3.0 allows you to:

    • Compare up to four images from the same article
    • Zoom in and out of images or magnify specific areas
    • Rotate images clockwise and counterclockwise
    • Enlarge images for full screen viewing
    • Drag and drop images to change their order
    • Download images and captions to a PowerPoint deck
    • Share individual images via social media share buttons
    • Scroll through images in DICOM stacks

    How to Use Image Viewer 3.0

    To use Image Viewer 3.0, open any article in Radiology or RadioGraphics and use your mouse to left-click an image. A pop-up window will open your selected image; left-click the “Open in Image Viewer” link located beneath the image description.

    Once your image has loaded in Image Viewer 3.0, use the commands located at the top of your working window to view, compare and manipulate your selected image. To view all images included in the article, left-click “Browse All Figures.” To view only the original image selected, left-click “Viewer.”

    To add images for comparison, left-click the “+” icon. To delete an image from comparison, left-click the trash icon. To show captions, download as PowerPoint, or access help, left-click the “Actions” link and choose the appropriate action from the pull-down menu.

    The above commands may all be accessed at the top right of your working window. On the upper left of your working window, you will also have a list of available tools to further examine and manipulate the image you have selected. Please refer to the following key for help using these tools:

    Magnify: Use your cursor to selectively magnify specific image areas
    Zoom In: Enlarge the size of the entire image
    Zoom Out: Decrease the size of the entire image
    Fit to Window: Fit the entire image in the viewable window
    View at Full Size: View image at full resolution
    Flip Image Horizontally: Flip the image horizontally
    Flip Image Vertically: Flip the image vertically
    Rotate Image Counter Clockwise: Rotate the image counter clockwise by 25°
    Rotate Image Clockwise: Rotate the image clockwise by 25°
    Make Image Full Screen: Enlarge the image to fill the viewable screen
    Loop Playback: Automatically loop through a DICOM stack of images
    Reset WW/WC Levels: Adjust the image contrast and brightness to original values
    Add Image: Add up to four images for side-by-side comparison
    Remove Image: Delete an image from side-by-side comparison

    For additional help with Image Viewer 3.0, please contact RSNA Publications at pubsfeedback@rsna.org