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    • R&E Foundation Seed The Future
      R&E Foundation Seed The Future
    • The R&E Foundation will fund 80 innovative projects this year, totaling $2.9 million—a new annual funding record.

      This year’s recipients represent a wide range of subspecialties from 47 institutions, including three international recipients from China, Chile and Spain.

      Thanks to the contributions from our individual, private practice and academic group donors, and our corporate friends, the R&E Foundation was able to fund more than 30% of the applications received this cycle—a success rate far above that of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). SeeRSNA.org/Foundation for a complete listing of the projects your donations are funding.

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      MEET the Next Generation of Radiology All-Stars 

      MARY  1Z  1A 

      “The central hypothesis of my research is that variations in choline-containing metabolites will distinguish between benign and malignant tissue, leading to increased specificity of clinical breast MRI.” 

      Mary Mahoney, M.D. University of Cincinnati Research Seed Grant

      “The RSNA grant is a milestone of my research career—the project aims to characterize structural and functional brain connectivity patterns in children with benign childhood epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes (BECTS).” 

      Hongwu Zeng, M.D. Shenzhen Children’s Hospital (China) University of Wisconsin-Madison Research Seed Grant

      “The RSNA grant will certainly allow me to develop new competencies in research techniques and methods, and acquire additional skill sets that are crucial for advancing my abilities and qualifications as a physician-scientist.“ 

      Bashir Akhavan Tafti, M.D. University of California, Los Angeles Research Resident Grant 


      “On behalf of the R&E Board of Trustees, I would like to thank all of our generous contributors who have made this year’s record-high funding possible. The projects undertaken by our awardees will benefit our specialty and will undoubtedly make a significant difference in the lives and health of the patients we serve.”

      Theresa C. McLoud, M.D., Chair, RSNA Research & Education Foundation Board of Trustees

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