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    Generate Sales

  • RSNA attendees shop the exhibit floors for new products, services and software that can improve care for their patients. Many come specifically to buy. Exhibit Surveys reveals:

    • Three-quarters (75%) indicated they have a role in purchasing products for their institution.
    • 68% of attendees say their number one reason for attending the RSNA Annual Meeting is to see new products and developments.
    • 47% create buying plans as a result of what they’ve seen at the RSNA technical exhibition.

    Meet your newest customers at the RSNA 2012 Technical Exhibition.   

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  • RSNA 2012

    Why Exhibiting Works

    Exhibiting at RSNA 2012 brings you face-to-face with more medical imaging professionals than any other venue.

    RSNA 2012

    Reach Medical Imaging Leaders

    Attendees come from around the world to shop for new products and services. Meet them face-to-face.

    RSNA 2012

    Generate Sales

    Three-quarters of attendees say they have a role in product purchasing. Show them what you’ve got.

    RSNA 2012

    Build Relationships

    Exhibitors create strong ties with the medical imaging community. Let them know what your company’s about.

    RSNA 2012

    Establish Your Presence

    Your competitors will be at RSNA 2012. See why they’ve been coming for more than 80 years.

    RSNA 2012

    Join Us at RSNA 2012

    Nearly half of attendees say it’s the only medical meeting they’ll attend this year. We hope to see you there.