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  • R&E Foundation Seed The Future
    R&E Foundation Seed The Future
  • Marten Klop is not a radiologist, but he is a regular at the RSNA annual meeting and a loyal supporter of the R&E Foundation.

    Mr. Klop spent many years attending RSNA functions with his wife, RSNA past president and former R&E Foundation Board of Trustees chair Helen C. Redman, M.D. Since losing Helen to metastatic breast cancer in 2000, he continues to support the Foundation and attend the meetings because of her commitment and passion for the society. He enjoys connecting and sharing memories with longtime friends at the meetings.

    A retired banker, Mr. Klop currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the Dallas Opera and the Board of Directors of the Dallas Chamber of Music. He lives in the home he and Dr. Redman built together in Dallas, where she served as Vice-Chairman of Radiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

    An avid traveler, Dr. Redman met her future husband on an archeological cruise through the Greek Islands. Both San Franciscans at the time, Dr. Redman and Mr. Klop soon became inseparable. One day they quietly left work early and visited the courthouse to get married, bringing with them just two close friends as witnesses.

    The couple spent many years traveling the world together. She was an avid birdwatcher, and two memorable trips included birdwatching in Chile and Spain. Dr. Redman also loved to read, and the couple’s home overflowed with books.

    But most of all she loved teaching. The daughter of a high school teacher and granddaughter of two physicians, Dr. Redman deeply valued education, and was especially dedicated to the residency program.

    “She was generous with her time,” Mr. Klop remembered. She spent much of her career as an active member of RSNA. In addition to her service as president and on the R&E Foundation Board of Trustees, Dr. Redman worked internationally supporting her colleagues in radiology. Recognized as a pioneer in the field of vascular and interventional radiology, Dr. Redman authored two texts and several journal articles on the subject.

    As the first woman to serve as RSNA President in 1995 and a founding member of the American Association for Women Radiologists, Dr. Redman was a role model for women in radiology.

    In recognition of her many contributions to the field of radiology, Dr. Redman received RSNA’s highest honor, the Gold Medal, in 2000. She also received gold medals from the Texas Radiological Society (TRS) and the Society of Interventional Radiology. To honor her service, RSNA President C. Douglas Maynard, M.D., and representatives from the TRS visited her in the hospital to present the gold medals.

    Mr. Klop shares his wife’s passion for supporting the R&E Foundation. “Research is ongoing and the world of radiology is fast-moving,” he said, when asked why supporting the Foundation remains important to him. Mr. Klop and his late wife are President’s Circle, Ruby Visionary and Star Legacy donors to the Foundation.

    donor Wife

    Mr. Klop recently chose to make a charitable gift annuity to the Foundation, which allows him to receive lifetime annuity payments while also benefitting the R&E Foundation.

    “The Foundation was very helpful in setting up this annuity. For me there are certain tax advantages, and I receive some income,” Mr. Klop said of his decision.

    Learn more about how you can make a charitable gift annuity by visiting RSNA. org/PlannedGiving, or contact Shelley Taylor at 630-590-7773 or sltaylor@rsna.org.