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  • FREIDA Online

  • The American Medical Association Fellowship and Residency Electronic Interactive Database Access (FREIDA Online) system is an extensive database that enables users to search by primary and secondary criteria for fellowship and residency programs in North America.

    Primary search criteria include:

    • Discipline (e.g., "Radiology-Diagnostic," "Pediatric Radiology," "Nuclear Radiology," and "Radiation Oncology")
    • State or region
    • Federal affiliation
    • Program size
    • Requirement or no requirement for prior graduate medical education

    Secondary search criteria include a choice of programs that:

    • Require research rotation
    • Do not require research rotation
    • Offer part-time or shared positions
    • Offer nontraditional start dates
    • Have a county population less than 50,000
    • Have a county population of 50,000 or more

    Access FREIDA Online  

    The Graduate Medical Education Directory and the GMED Companion: An Insider's Guide to Selecting a Residency Program is available for purchase from the AMA. Call 800-621-8335 or visit amapress.com to order online.