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  • Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH: 2010 Eyler Editorial Fellow

  • Unique Opportunity to Catapult My Academic Career 

    The RSNA William R. Eyler Editorial Fellowship, first established in 1998, offers a unique learning opportunity for radiologists early in their academic careers to significantly deepen their understanding of the workings of radiologic journalism. Each year, one fellow is fortunate to be selected for this tremendous experience.

    The one-month fellowship provides a rare insight into what goes on “behind the scene” at two major radiology journals: Radiology and RadioGraphics.  The program is perfectly balanced between observation and active participation, both at the editorial offices of the two journals and the publications office at RSNA headquarters in Oak Brook.

    At the journal offices, the editorial fellow is integrated into the editorial team and interacts directly with the editors, associate editors and staff members.  Activities include checking received manuscripts for correct format and required materials, making reviewer assignments, and doing a variety of editorial tasks that involve real decision-making.  The experience is carefully organized, concentrated, and intense, but most of all enjoyable.

    At the publications headquarters, the editorial fellow has a first-hand view of the entire production process of transforming accepted articles into publications.  I found myself directly interacting with many seasoned specialists: managing editors, copy editors, graphic artists, and experts in online publishing, finance, marketing and sales.  The level of professionalism and the finished product were inspiring.

    In my view, the RSNA Editorial Fellowship provides an once-in-a-lifetime, high-impact opportunity to see what goes on behind the editorial processes of two of our premier radiology journals.  It was only a brief glimpse, but it has energized my academic career in many ways and will for years to come.

    Edward Y. Lee, MD, MPH Assistant Professor of Radiology Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School