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  • Christoforos Stoupis, MD: 2002 Eyler Editorial Fellow

  • The RSNA Editorial Fellowship program is a wonderful educational opportunity for those who have strong interest in publishing and editorial processing. I truly recommend it, especially for international radiologists. For me it was a mixture of education and fun with a blend of apprenticeship and surprise.

    I applied for the fellowship because I wanted to learn more about the publication process and to understand the editorial process. Having finished my fellowship, I now can say that my expectations have been fulfilled, and that I wish I had known years ago those things that I now have learned.

    At the Radiology editorial office, the fellow is very active and involved in every step of the daily work. I had the opportunity to have direct mentorship with Dr. Proto, and I was pleased to be accepted as a member of the editorial office family. I gratefully appreciate the time that Dr. Proto and his wonderful crew spent with me at the office.

    I truly respect the dedication of the staff in Richmond, Virginia, with their honesty and loyalty to the journal. I was surprised at the amount of work such a small group of people could achieve. I was involved in every step of the editorial process: reviewing current manuscripts, tracking the manuscripts, and evaluating the revisions that had been requested from the authors. I learned how I could be a better author, make my manuscripts stronger, and be fair in my reviewing. I got many insights into the editorial work, decision-making, and ethics of publication. The additional one-day trip to Cadmus printing facilities provided me with information regarding printing deadlines, options, costs, and image quality in the final step of printing a journal.

    At the editorial office of RadioGraphics, I had the great opportunity to work with Dr. Olmsted and his staff. They handle different topics than do the Radiology office staff, dealing more with the continuing education and teaching activities. I learned how to make manuscripts from pictorial exhibits and how to emphasize the teaching points for the residents and young fellows. I participated in interesting meetings with Dr Olmsted and his staff, in which we discussed the future of Radiology and the potential of educational Internet activities that would enable American and international fellows to have access to teaching files and review articles.

    At the RSNA headquarters, I enjoyed the discussions and the meetings I had with the staff who work on advertising and electronic publication, as well as with the crew that prepares the articles for the final version before printing. I was involved in the preparation of the annual RSNA meeting, also. I was provided with lots of detailed information regarding the policy of publication of the RSNA, and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to attend the meetings and discussions at the headquarters.

    In the end, I believe that this fellowship was a mutually beneficial process. I can now say that I can teach my residents and the young fellows how to prepare their manuscripts before publication, how to convey them, and what they themselves and the editor need to know. Finally, I want to thank all the staff members for their dedication to RSNA. I deeply appreciate their help and time they spent with me. To other radiologists who are interested in this fellowship, I truly recommend it; it was a great experience and a lot of fun.


    Christoforos Stoupis, MD Staff Radiologist University of Berne, Switzerland