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  • Candidates: September 2017

    The following is a list of applicants for RSNA membership, published according to the bylaws of the Society. RSNA members are asked to review these names. If a member has a question concerning the eligibility of an applicant, the member should request that the applicant's membership be withheld pending investigation and reconsideration within 30 days of the publication of this list. Please mark your signed letter of protest "Confidential" and address it to: Secretary-Treasurer, RSNA, 820 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523


    Name   State   Country
    Samer R. AlQaisy, MBChB, DMRD   Kurdistan Region   Iraq
    Yeong Yi An, MD   Kyunggi-do   Korea, Republic of
    Rocio Aparicio, MD   SF   Argentina
    Rilwan O. Babalola, BSc   Lagos State   Nigeria
    Gyorgy Balazs, MD   Budapest   Hungary
    Jean-Francois Bergerot, MD       France
    Pattira Boonsri, MD   Songkhla   Thailand
    Philippe Bourree, MD       France
    Stuart Buchanan, MBBCh   QLD   Australia
    Zakary Cahouch, MD       France
    Vorawan Charoonratana, MD   Songkhla   Thailand
    Gaurav Chaudhary, DMRD, MD   West Midlands   United Kingdom
    Wiluck Chu-Ongsakul, MD       Thailand
    John A. Clark, MD   ON   Canada
    Gary S. Cohen, MD   PA   United States
    Cheick Oumar Tidiani Diarra, MD       France
    Vsevolod V. Dolgopolov, MD   NY   United States
    Timothy S. Fisher, MD   CA   United States
    Felippe Jose C. Freitas, MD   SP   Brazil
    Alexandre Fuchs, MD, PhD       France
    Christian Grangier, MD       Switzerland
    Ravi Gupta, MD, MBBS       India
    Jon Olav Haugstvedt, MD       Norway
    Toshihiko Hayashi, MD   Niigataken   Japan
    Tadek Hendriksz, MD       Netherlands
    Aaron Hochberg, MD   CA   United States
    Kieran Hogarth, MBBS   UK   United Kingdom
    Mark A. Hunter, MBBCh, FRCR   Renfrewshire   United Kingdom
    Mats Ingvarsson, MD       Sweden
    Mina Izadi, MD       Denmark
    Khalid Javeri, MD   CA   United States
    Janice Y. Jeon, MD   VA   United States
    Kevin M. Johnson, MD   MD   United States
    Shawn R. Jones, MD   WA   United States
    Praveen Jonnala, MD   CA   United States
    Vardhan S. Joshi, MD   Maharashtra   India
    Daniel Kim, PhD   IL   United States
    Ok Hwa Kim, MD, PhD       Korea, Republic of
    Soo-Yeon Kim, MD       Korea, Republic of
    John F. Klink III, MD   KY   United States
    Kateryna Kulpina, MD   Kharkiv   Ukraine
    Sumita Kundu, MD   West Bengal   India
    Raghey Kurian, FRCR, MRCP       United Kingdom
    Celine Lacombe, MD   Pyrenees Orientales   France
    Siddappa Lakshmaiah Jr, MBBS, MD       United Kingdom
    Winnie W. Lam, MBBS, FRCR       Singapore
    Lisa S. Langmo, MD   FL   United States
    Jeremy Lasbleiz, MD   Bretagne   France
    Kenneth K. Lau, MBBS, FRANZCR   VIC   Australia
    Heather H. Le, MD   CA   United States
    John Leal, MBA   CA   United States
    Min Hee Lee, MD       Korea, Republic of
    Sang Lee, BSc   MA   United States
    Emily R. Lindemer, PhD   MA   United States
    Marius G. Linguraru, DPhil, MS   DC   United States
    Eduardo d. Lizcano, MD       Colombia
    Carlos E. Lordi, MD   La Pampa   Argentina
    Catherine Louail, MD       France
    Judith Luckman, MD   WA   United States
    May San Mak, FRCR       Singapore
    Julia K. Marshall, MD   FL   United States
    Jaime Martinez Jr, MD   Cundinamarca   Colombia
    Robert Martinez, MD       France
    Francie T. Masters, MD   KY   United States
    Edward C. McBurney, MD   PR   United States
    Rodolphe Menard, MD       France
    Diego G. Mercer, MD   Tel-Aviv   Israel
    Asif Moin, MD   Eastern   Saudi Arabia
    Daniela Muenzel, MD       Germany
    Tasir A. Mumtaz, MBBS       Pakistan
    Sitang Nirattisaikul, MD   Songkhla   Thailand
    Albertina Oheneba-Williams, MBBCh       Ghana
    Connie M. Ongeti, MBChB, MMed       Kenya
    Justin C. Ord, MD   AZ   United States
    Marie Parenmark, MD       Sweden
    Harold S. Park, MD, MS   TX   United States
    Sanjay S. Pillai, MBBS, FRCR       United Kingdom
    Joshua D. Pinter, MD   PA   United States
    Nagaraj K. Ramanna, DMRD, MBBS   Karnataka   India
    Cara Reed, ARRT   MD   United States
    Farah J. Sadeq, MD, FFRRCSI       Kuwait
    Toru Sakuma, MD       Japan
    Carolina Sandoval, MD   Guatemala   Guatemala
    Don Reginald d. Santos, MD       Philippines
    Maria Cecilia d. Santos, MD   Metro Manila   Philippines
    Rajul D. Shah, MD   AZ   United States
    Caroline D. Sherbourne, MD   CA   United States
    Sung Ui Shin, MD   Jongno-Gu   Korea, Republic of
    Yuki Shinohara, MD, PhD   Tottori   Japan
    Brendan D. Skonieczki, MD   DE   United States
    Venkata S. Sontenam, MBBS, FRCR   Kent   United Kingdom
    Norbert Stauder, MD   Thurgau   Switzerland
    Yukiko Sugiyama, MD   IA   United States
    Reto Sutter, MD   ZH   Switzerland
    George C. Thambi, PhD, MBA   SA   Australia
    Corinne E. Tobin, MD   NY   United States
    Teeravut Tubtawee, MD   Songkhla   Thailand
    Stig Wallgren, MD       Sweden
    Charles F. Wennogle, MD   CO   United States
    Richard D. White, MBChB, FRCR   Wales   United Kingdom
    Anna Helena Wiksten, MD       Sweden
    Man Fung Esther Wong, MBBS, FRCR       Hong Kong
    Philip Yoong, MBBS, FRCR   Berkshire   United Kingdom
    James A. York, MD   MS   United States
    Nam C. Yu, MD   TX   United States
    Javad Zaremehrjardy, MD   BC   Canada