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  • Candidates: November 2017

    The following is a list of applicants for RSNA membership, published according to the bylaws of the Society. RSNA members are asked to review these names. If a member has a question concerning the eligibility of an applicant, the member should request that the applicant's membership be withheld pending investigation and reconsideration within 30 days of the publication of this list. Please mark your signed letter of protest "Confidential" and address it to: Secretary-Treasurer, RSNA, 820 Jorie Blvd, Oak Brook, IL 60523

    Name   State   Country
    Angela P. Agostini, MD   RS   Brazil
    Munira H. Al-Adwani, MD, FRCR       Kuwait
    Amy E. Alexander, BEng   MN   United States
    Syed Z. Ali, FRCPC, MBBS   NS   Canada
    Salita Angurawaranon, MD       Thailand
    Damon W. Arnold, ARRT, RT   MI   United States
    Antonildes N. Assuncao Jr, MD   SP   Brazil
    Thet T. Aung       Myanmar
    Mark Babcock, BS   VA   United States
    Antonio Barile, MD       Italy
    Bart Bartels, MD, MSc       Netherlands
    Leon Berenstein, MD   PE   Brazil
    Regis Otaviano Bezerra, MD   SP   Brazil
    Shubhabrata Biswas, MRCP, FRCR       United Kingdom
    Bard Torgeir Bjornara, MD       Norway
    Tedric D. Boyse, MD   NC   United States
    Chinnarat Bua-ngam, MD       Thailand
    Eulalie Burger, MBChB, MBA   Western Province   South Africa
    Gabriela Butoi, MD, PhD       Romania
    Hilary J. Cassidy, MBBS       United Kingdom
    Bruna Flavia C. Cesario, MD   MG   Brazil
    Pascal Chabrot, MD, PhD       France
    Bruno Chahal, MD       France
    Raymond P. Chan, MD, FRCPC   ON   Canada
    Won Chang, MD   Gyeonggi-do   Korea, Republic of
    Brent Chanin, BEng   NY   United States
    Luis Carlos C. Chierighini, MD   SP   Brazil
    Bronwen A. Claassen, FFRad(D)SA, MBChB       South Africa
    Beatrice Claise, MD       France
    Cathleen Cooper, MS   NY   United States
    Pierre Coudert, MD       France
    Laurent Couprie, MD, PhD       France
    Felicia P. Cummings, MD   WA   United States
    Anthony R. D'Amico, MD   MT   United States
    Arunas Daratis       Lithuania
    Patrick E. Davis, MD   WA   United States
    Aljosja De Schepper Jr, MD       Belgium
    Annick Demeyere, MD       Belgium
    Mark J. DePaulis, ARRT, MBA   MA   United States
    Willem M. Deserno, MD, PhD       Netherlands
    Camelia Duca, MD       France
    James P. Eaton, MD   CO   United States
    Leonor Z. Eguren, MD   SF   Argentina
    Melvin J. Esquivel, MD       Costa Rica
    Maria Amelia F. Estevao, MD       Portugal
    Siamak Farahangiz, MD   Fars   Iran
    Allan Figas   PA   United States
    Randall J. Finley, MD   CA   United States
    Pascal Fischer, MD       Germany
    Paul Foran, MD, MRCPI       Ireland
    Timothy E. Forehand, RT, ARRT   VA   United States
    Roberto Fornell-Perez, MD   Las Palmas   Spain
    Christian F. Fouillioux, MD   DF   Venezuela
    Kirenza Q. Francis, MD   ON   Canada
    Ana M. Gaca, MD   NC   United States
    Nicolas Gautier, MD       France
    Subhadip Ghosh-Ray, MBBS, FRCR       United Kingdom
    Daniela G. Giannotti, MD   SP   Brazil
    Andrea Giovagnoni, MD       Italy
    Orit Golan, MD, PHD       Israel
    Natalia Goldberg, MD       Israel
    Leticia P. Goncalves, MD, PhD       Brazil
    Ananya Gonthong, MD       Thailand
    Isabelle Granier, MD       France
    Roberto Grassi, MD   NA   Italy
    Christine Grataloup-Oriez, MD       France
    Anders M. Hager, MD       Norway
    Karmen Hamre   MN   United States
    Julien Havet, MD       France
    Michael Hein, MD       Germany
    Hector Henriquez, MD   RM   Chile
    Mickael Herault, MD       France
    David I. Hodgson, MBBCh   Lancs   United Kingdom
    Sorithea Hor, MD       Cambodia
    Karin Horsthuis, MD, PhD       Netherlands
    Glenn E. Houck Jr, MS, ARRT   MI   United States
    Kathryn Huber, MD, PhD   MA   United States
    Rosita J. Hurtado, MD       Panama
    Tomoaki Ichikawa, MD, PhD   Yamanashi   Japan
    Daniel M. Infante Bonilla, MD       Panama
    Jyothi Priya Jagannathan, MD   MA   United States
    Ranjit K. Jain, MBBS, MD   MI   United States
    Koung Mi Kang, MD       Korea, Republic of
    Chalermdej Kannawat, MD   Bangkok   Thailand
    Sanjeev Katyal, MD   PA   United States
    Muhammad N. Khan, MBBS   NS   Canada
    Sun Ju Kim, MD       Korea, Republic of
    Armen Kocharian, PhD   TX   United States
    Neera Kohli, MBBS, MD   Uttar Pradesh   India
    Catherine Labbe, MD       France
    Hoosen I. Lakhi, MBBCh, FFRad(D)SA   KwaZulu-Natal   South Africa
    Pum A. Le Haen, MD, MEng       Netherlands
    Norman Lee, MD   PA   United States
    Lilie Lin, MD   TX   United States
    Paul E. Lizotte, DO, MA   CA   United States
    Flavia P. Lopes, MD   RJ   Brazil
    Oskar G. Lopez Espinoza, MD   CX   Mexico
    Chia-Feng Lu, PhD       Taiwan
    Jan S. Lundberg, MD   SP   Brazil
    Virginie Magnin, MD   Vaud   Switzerland
    Ahmed Maher, MBBCh, MD   ZH   Switzerland
    Jean-Francois Majoulet, MD       France
    Carlo Masciocchi, MD   AQ   Italy
    Lukasz Mazurek, MD       Poland
    Karen H. McMahon   NJ   United States
    Stephanie Meens-Koreman, MD       Netherlands
    Valappil R. Menon, MD, FRCR   Surrey   United Kingdom
    Fernando M. Mori, MD   SP   Brazil
    Tiago O. Morita, MD   SP   Brazil
    Veronica Muntean Nistiriuc, MD       France
    Marcio V. Nastri, MD   SP   Brazil
    David Nathalie, MD       France
    Manoel Lauro D. Siqueira, MD   PE   Brazil
    Elise Neveu Bruere, MD       France
    Anthony P. Newman-Sanders, MBBS   Surrey   United Kingdom
    Uwe Niehuus, MD       Germany
    Farhang Nourikochi, MD, PhD   Fars   Iran
    Anita Nowak, MBA   PA   United States
    Ayodeji Olatunji, MBBS   Ogun   Nigeria
    Minke A. Oostenrijk-Oreel, MD       Netherlands
    Tchaiko M. Parris, MD   CA   United States
    Alexandra Pasca, MD       France
    Theodore J. Passe, MD   MN   United States
    Edward Passen, MD   IL   United States
    Chirag Patel, FRCR       United Kingdom
    Parth S. Patel, MD, MBBS   Gujarat   India
    Luis Pecci Sr, MD   SP   Brazil
    David C. Polillo, MD   CF   Argentina
    Carmelo Privitera, MD, PhD       Italy
    Dick Quon, MD   AB   Canada
    Egon Rabitsch, MD       Austria
    Anshu Rajput, MD   ON   Canada
    Adelaide Rega, MD       France
    Mohammed Reshad, MD   Karnataka   India
    Mahmoud N. Rezk, FRCR, MBBCh   Mansoura   Egypt
    Myriam Ricaud, MD, PhD       France
    Richard J. Robinson, MBBCh   Yorkshire   United Kingdom
    Elena Rociu, MD, PhD       Netherlands
    Andre Rosenfeld, MD   SP   Brazil
    Andrzej Roszak, MD, PhD       Poland
    Guillaume Schmid, MD       France
    John G. Sdanowich, MS   MD   United States
    Peter Seidensticker, MD   NJ   United States
    Hector Serrano, MD       Peru
    Hadeer H. Shaikhly, MD   CT   United States
    Jae-Chan Shim, MD, PhD       Korea, Republic of
    Anne Sourbier Wattez, MD       France
    Jennifer C. Spanbauer, DO   MN   United States
    Medishar SPRL, MD       Belgium
    Lloyd E. Stambaugh III, MD   WA   United States
    Erika Suenaga, MD   SP   Brazil
    Katrina Sun   CA   United States
    Taro Takeda, MD   Gifu   Japan
    Chaitanya B. Tapasvi, MD   Punjab   India
    Rory P. Tayler, MBChB   Gauteng   South Africa
    Lee Tirrell, MS   MA   United States
    Rachel S. Title, MD   NY   United States
    Cindy L. Tortorelli, MD   MN   United States
    Cheryl A. Viglione, MD   NC   United States
    Maarten Vinken, MD       Netherlands
    Josep Vives Roura, MD   Barcelona   Spain
    Phong D. Vuong, MD   CA   United States
    Bing Wang, MD   TX   United States
    Zhi Wang, MD       China
    Daniel J. Warren, MBChB       United Kingdom
    Iuliana Weinstein, MD       Israel
    Paul Wighton, PhD   MA   United States
    Bin Xie, DPhil       China
    Sora C. Yoon, MD   NC   United States
    Salman M. Zaman, MBBS   Channel Islands   United Kingdom
    Daiwei Zhang, MD, PhD   WI   United States
    Songji Zhao, MD, PhD       Japan
    Wendy Zimmer, MD   NY   United States
    Allison L. Zwingenberger, DVM   CA   United States