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  • Barry B Goldberg MD

  • Barry B. Goldberg, M.D., Distinguished Professor, Associate Chairman of Research, and Director of the Division of Ultrasound in the Department of Radiology at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, as well as the director of the Jefferson Ultrasound Research & Education Institute, is recognized worldwide for his contributions to radiological education.

    One of his most innovative educational programs is the Teach the Teachers from Emerging Nations. The program is designed to enhance the education and training of individuals in the radiological sciences from Africa and other emerging countries who will, in turn, educate and train others from their native land in the latest ultrasound technology.

    The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) recently presented the Ultrasound Institute with an International Program Grant to train African physicians.

    Dr. Goldberg is recognized as the authority on ultrasound imaging. He shares this knowledge generously with students and teachers through his numerous award-winning presentations on advances in ultrasound imaging, and his publications. His books are found in almost every ultrasound facility and have become part of most ultrasound education programs around the world. Many of them have been translated into the native languages of the ultrasound centers that he has helped to establish in other countries.

    Early in his career, Dr. Goldberg produced his first book on his specialty, diagnostic ultrasound imaging. Today, his textbooks on the topic are used universally by students, teachers, and practitioners. Dr. Goldberg serves as mentor and role model for his students and colleagues. His colleagues have honored him with many awards, including Educator of the Year, and in 1993 the Board of Trustees of Thomas Jefferson University recognized Dr. Goldberg's efforts by creating the Jefferson Ultrasound Research and Education Institute. Dr. Goldberg is also the recipient of the RSNA's 1998 Outstanding Researcher Award, given to radiologists who have displayed a career of outstanding achievement, and immediate past president of the World Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology, a 45,000-member organization of ultrasound societies. Dr. Goldberg is recognized by his peers as a leader in his profession who exemplifies the highest levels of excellence in education. RSNA is pleased to recognize his unparalleled achievements.