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    • R&E Foundation Seed The Future
      R&E Foundation Seed The Future
    • The R&E Foundation is pleased to announce a new $500,000 commitment from Agfa HealthCare.   
          At RSNA 2012, Michael Green, President and CEO of the Americas Region of Agfa HealthCare, made a new $500,000 commitment in support of the RSNA R&E Foundation. As a founding Vanguard donor company since 1989, Agfa HealthCare has supported 21 research grants to residents, fellows and scholars.
       Agfa HealthCare delivers informatics solutions to healthcare providers worldwide to help advance improved clinical and IT efficiencies and the safety of care. Agfa HealthCare is committed to an open standards, integrated data approach, and offers a full range of proven, workflow-centric departmental and enterprise imaging solutions, from classic X-ray film to Direct Radiography, advanced Imaging Informatics solutions, and Hospital/Clinical Information Systems.
      “Agfa HealthCare is pleased to continue to the RSNA R&E Foundation. In supportingthe research and education fostered by the RSNA, we are excitedto help further so many impressive technology advancements in imagingand clinical practice. I look forward toseeing the research results of the nextround of grants made possible by this commitment and their application tothe improvement of patient care.”

      Michael Green, President and CEO of theAmericas Region of Agfa HealthCare


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