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  • Informatics
  • RSNA Image Sharing/IHE Demo at RSNA 2014

  • For more than 20 years, RSNA has hosted public demonstrations of innovations in imaging informatics at its annual meetings. These events provide an opportunity to communicate with the radiology community about developments in informatics and their potential impact on radiologic care, generally focusing on how interoperability standards enable their implementation. For radiology systems vendors they have provided an opportunity to show the progress they have made in implementing these innovations.

    At the RSNA 2014 Annual Meeting, we again plan to showcase developments in standards-based interoperability that enhance the quality, efficiency and safety of care in radiology.

    Elements of the Demonstration

    The demonstration will be based on the following key developments in radiology informatics: 

    • Patient-focused image sharing through the RSNA Image Share network, a pilot project funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering
    • Structured reporting using RSNA RadReport reporting templates, RadLex terminology and the IHE MRRT profile
    • Communication of actionable findings to referring physicians using report templates and video communication

    This year RSNA planning significant changes in our approach to maximize the communications value of the demonstration to the radiologic community. We are planning:

    Tightly focused demonstrations in a central booth designed to evoke clinical care settings.

    A distributed demonstration at vendor booths using a scavenger hunt as an incentive to attendee participation.

    The demonstration will simulate a range of advanced clinical capabilities including:

    • Creating template-driven structured radiology reports based on report templates in the RadReport template library and procedure codes selected from the RadLex Playbook.
    • Identifying critical findings for follow-up between radiologists and referring physicians.
    • Exchanging images and reports between care sites in a health information exchange environment based on XDS.b
    • Access to images and reports through an electronic health record (EHR) system
    • Sharing imaging records with patients using personal health records (PHRs)
    • Sending data to disease registries for public health and clinical outcomes analysis.

    Invitation to Participate

    Commercial vendors and research organizations are invited to participate in the demonstration. Participation is free, and participants will be selected on their ability to perform specific technical roles (IHE profiles, actors and transactions) and willingness to make available personnel and resources to prepare and staff their applications.

    Preference will be given to participants who, where relevant, have successfully tested their roles at IHE Connectathons and submitted Integration Statements attesting to their systems’ capabilities to the IHE Product Registry.

    Participants in the demonstration must fulfill the following commitments:

    • Participate in planning and preparation activities including regular teleconferences and a testing event at RSNA headquarters, Oct 14-16.
    • Provide capable personnel to operate the company’s system(s) and participate in the demonstration throughout the exhibition times of the RSNA Annual Meeting, November 30-December 3, 2014, 10:00am-5:00pm and Dec. 4, 10:00am-2:00pm, as well as set up, rehearsal and dismantle times.
    • Provide all hardware and assume the expense of transportation to and from the sites of testing event and demonstration.
    • Distributed demonstration: place signage in booth, dedicate space and personnel resources to demonstrate, have a network connection

    Participant Roles

    RSNA invites expressions of interest from vendors and research institutions to participate in the demonstration providing systems with the following capabilities:

    • Radiology information systems (RIS) capable of scheduling procedures using specified RadLex Playbook coded procedure names.
    • Computed Tomography modality devices (modified for demonstration purposes) capable of generating DICOM Dose SRs appropriate to demonstration image sets and sending them to PACS.
    • PACS that can store DICOM Dose SRs with the associated image sets and make them available for dose monitoring systems in conformance with the IHE REM profile. Also capable of sending images to clinical trials/teaching file management system following the IHE Teaching File and Clinical Trial Export (TCE) profile.
    • Reporting systems capable of acquiring and managing reporting templates and generating reports from the RadReport.org template library in conformance with the IHE MRRT profile.
    • Health Information Exchange (HIE) actors: Document source/consumers, registry/repository and image-enabled Personal Health Record systems

    Submitting an Expression of Interest

    Organizations interested in participating must complete the form linked below by Friday, July 25, 2014. Responses must indicate which role(s) in the demonstration the applicant is interested in filling. RSNA staff will contact applicants to discuss the scope and technical details of the demonstration and will hold a participant kick-off call on Monday, August 4,  2014 to convey details of the process of preparing for and performing the demonstration.

    Click here to access the submission form. Please contact informatics@rsna.org with questions about the demonstration or application process.