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    • 2013 Alexander Margulis Award

    • Davenport MS, Khalatbari S, Dillman JR, Cohan RH, Caoili EM, Ellis JH. Contrast Material-induced Nephrotoxicity and Intravenous Low-Osmolality Iodinated Contrast Material. Radiology 2013; 267:94-105.

      McDonald RJ, McDonald JS, Bida JP, Carter RE, Fleming CJ, Misra S, Williamson EE, Kallmes DF. Intravenous Contrast Material-induced Nephropathy: Causal or Coincident Phenomenon? Radiology 2013; 267:106-118.

      The seven finalists for the 2013 award were impressive representatives of the best in radiology research, but these articles were considered by both the Nominating and Selection Committees as particularly excellent due to the importance of establishing a scientifically valid understanding of the role, if any, of iodinated contrast agents in the diminished renal function that may be observed following CT exams involving intravenous contrast agent administration. These works, employing novel methods of establishing legitimate control groups, examine and question the long-held but unproven beliefs about the development of so called “contrast-induced nephropathy,” and show that the risk, if any, of kidney injury following contrast agent administration is far less than has been previously suggested. Though drawing somewhat different conclusions, these articles were deemed exemplary co-recipients of the Margulis Award.